Monday, April 9, 2012

Rockies Home Opener 2012!!

Finally, Opening Day at Coors Field is here!  Bryan was suppose to travel to Houston for the Rockies season opener but his trip was cancelled because of work.  He was very bummed but I think that much more excited for today!  We had a great breakfast at our house with friends, the boys headed to the stadium first while the Zander took a nap and then we headed down on the bus.  The game was TERRIBLE, but we made the most of the game and had a great time anyway!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break! Baseball...Sunshine...and Swimming!

WOW!  What a great week!  It went so fast, I can't believe it is over....I think it was first thing Thursday morning when Bryan said, "You know what I learned about having kids?  It makes our vacations go a lot faster!"  I couldn't agree more.  There was a lot less sitting, enjoying coffee or a beer and a lot more chasing.  It was great to travel with Grandma and Grandpa.  They did lots of entertaining on stroller rides and following our new walker in circles AND almost all of the entertainment in the car!
After our car rides, Zander was so excited to be released from his carseat!
We left early Saturday morning and headed to Albuquerque.  We met a friend and coworker of Bryan for drinks after checking into our hotel at a great brewery we found two years ago, Marble Brewery.  It was as great as we remember.  Grandpa got a little basketball, everyone (but me) got some great beer, and Zander got to do lots of laps on foot or in his stroller...his sitting still days are over!  We then headed into town for a great dinner, a little shopping afterwards, and back to the hotel so we could get an early start the next morning.
On Sunday we set out early so we could be at the ballpark for the afternoon game.  Manissa, Arya, Vincie, Donna, Tina and the Ortegas were already in Scotsdale and we met them at the game.  It was a beautiful afternoon and we enjoyed a little baseball before we headed to find our hotel and some dinner.

The hotel worked out perfect as we each had a suite.  Zander got his own space to sleep and we were able to take the monitor into my parents room for a little Eucher each night. 
On Monday we got up and headed to the zoo!  It was a great zoo and Zander enjoyed seeing all the animals with Arya!

Grandma and Grandpa dropped us off, got in a little gambling, and picked us back up...Zander was worn out! 

But he got a little power nap in so he was ready for the pool when we got back to the hotel!  Zander was not crazy about the pool, it was too cold for him!  But loved to rearrange the pool furniture and play with the bubbles that Grandma brought him!  He had also discovered ducks at the zoo and all of the birds were now ducks and in danger of being chased!

On Tuesday, we did some shopping in Scotsdale and went to the Giants stadium!  It was fun to see another ballpark but wish the Rockies were playing.

Wednesday was another Rockies game!  Bryan wanted to head to the ballpark for batting practice and Grandma and Grandpa took him and headed to the casino while mom and Zander got a nap!  The game was great but HOT! 

After baseball we headed to Tempe to meet Teri and her family for dinner.  They recommended a great BBQ and mall area that had a kids fountain!  Zander LOVED it!  I wasn't sure we were ever going to get him out!  And mom and dad did a little shopping too!
On Thursday, we decided to bypass the baseball game and the heat and head to the pool.  Vincie and Manissa were staying at a house with a great pool area.  Zander loved it!  Finally!! 

After the pool, we headed to a pizza place that Kari and Corey had recommended from thier was as great as last year!  That evening Bryan and I met up with Vincie and Manissa for some gambling and drinks!  We all left as winners and had a great time!
Friday was the day to start our drive home.  Again we stayed near Albuquerque at Route 66 casino.  We got stuck in construction traffic making our drive a little longer, Zander was not happy!  Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa were there to entertain him!!!  We had a great time gambling with Grandma and Grandpa's help to watch Zander and were on the road again in the morning for Denver!
We got in Saturday late afternoon and were happy to be home but sad to see our week go so fast!  We had a wedding for Stu and Allison on Sunday and Grandma and Grandpa were happy to take Zander for the afternoon...evidently he hadn't completely wore them out yet! 
What a great trip!!!  We were so lucky to travel with my parents as both Bryan and I agreed it take at least 4 adults to keep up with him!  And Zander loved all the attention...dropping him off at daycare on Monday morning was not an easy task!