Sunday, September 30, 2012

Family Pictures

I think the only regret I have from my wedding is that we never got a picture with everyone on my side of the family.  The kids were always in different places and then Bryan was excited to get to the reception.  We made up for it this weekend...and it was even better because Zander and Finley were part of the family picture.  They turned out great!

Friday, September 28, 2012


Last weekend, the boys stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while Bryan and I went to the Rockies game and Oktoberfest.  We even got to stay downtown and had a great time!!!  Today, we wanted to take the boys back and it was Zander's last day at Sharp Start so after a rough week some fun was in order!

On Monday we found out that Sharp Start was closing, we were very upset as both boys were very happy there and Bryan loved walking them in the morning.  We have found another daycare in the neighborhood and Zander and I visited it this morning.  It was a rough visit but hopefully Zander will love it as much as he did Sharp Start!

Oktoberfest was just what we all needed!  Zander had a great time dancing, loved watching keg bowling and climbing in the castle!  Dad took lots of pictures so he can build one in our backyard!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gotta love fall!

Football is back!  Zander loves to sit in the backyard and wait for the planes to fly over for Broncos home games...he makes his airplane noise and when they leave, asks dad for "More...More".  Bryan has made the mistake of replaying the planes on TV for him and now he thinks dad can control the airplanes in the backyard too!

We have had a blast cheering on the Spartans, watching Sunday football, and Zander loves the apples that come with fall in the backyard.  He enjoys pulling off every apple he can reach on the tree and giving it to the if the 100's they already have on the ground is not enough!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zander moves to a new bed!

We were hoping Zander would stay in his crib until Christmas time...Finley still gets up 1-2 times each night and I wasn't sure I could take on the challenge of Zander in a toddler bed too!  But when I looked in the monitor on Saturday morning, Zander was straddling the top rail of his crib, I took off running!  Luckily Sawyer had passed his toy story bed down to us and all we had to do was carry it upstairs...oh and get Zander to sleep in it without destroying his room.

Parenting has surprised us in many ways but this was perhaps was of the most surprising...we shouldn't have been worried!  Zander loved his new bed and is as easy as ever (knock on wood) to put to bed.  We read him a story or two, tuck him in, and he waves good bye to us!!!

Currently, a ball must be taken bed,
to baths, on walks, to play, and in the car!  Sometimes
I wonder how he fits in the bed!!!

Now naps are another story....

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zander loves the Zoo!

We decided to head to the zoo as soon as it opened today!  We loved the cooler temperatures, saw lots of animals and were even photographed in the new Elephant passage!  We will have to see if we make it on any zoo advertisements....

Zander's favorite are still the Giraffes but many others are catching his interest too!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zander is 19 months and Finley is 3 months!

It was picture day at school today and I couldn't resist dressing the boys alike!  They were adorable!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zander gets stitches...again!

Trying to entertain Zander while the numbing gel took effect!

This morning we had breakfast at the Universal with the Dukai's and then walked over to Courtney's to meet Jak and let Zander and Lilly play together!  They were having a great time, playing in the water table, swinging, watching the chickens, and riding bikes until Zander crashed.  His bike went off the sidewalk and he hit his head on the deck.  It immediately began bleeding A LOT and we knew we were headed to the ER.  We had walked there so Courtney and Mike gave us their car, an ice pack, and LOTS of paper towels and they kept Finley while we went to get stitches.  Zander was a champ!  The hardest part was keeping him entertained for the 45 minutes it took the numbing gel to take effect, he even fell asleep while getting the stitches!