Sunday, September 16, 2012

Zander moves to a new bed!

We were hoping Zander would stay in his crib until Christmas time...Finley still gets up 1-2 times each night and I wasn't sure I could take on the challenge of Zander in a toddler bed too!  But when I looked in the monitor on Saturday morning, Zander was straddling the top rail of his crib, I took off running!  Luckily Sawyer had passed his toy story bed down to us and all we had to do was carry it upstairs...oh and get Zander to sleep in it without destroying his room.

Parenting has surprised us in many ways but this was perhaps was of the most surprising...we shouldn't have been worried!  Zander loved his new bed and is as easy as ever (knock on wood) to put to bed.  We read him a story or two, tuck him in, and he waves good bye to us!!!

Currently, a ball must be taken bed,
to baths, on walks, to play, and in the car!  Sometimes
I wonder how he fits in the bed!!!

Now naps are another story....

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