Saturday, September 1, 2012

Zander gets stitches...again!

Trying to entertain Zander while the numbing gel took effect!

This morning we had breakfast at the Universal with the Dukai's and then walked over to Courtney's to meet Jak and let Zander and Lilly play together!  They were having a great time, playing in the water table, swinging, watching the chickens, and riding bikes until Zander crashed.  His bike went off the sidewalk and he hit his head on the deck.  It immediately began bleeding A LOT and we knew we were headed to the ER.  We had walked there so Courtney and Mike gave us their car, an ice pack, and LOTS of paper towels and they kept Finley while we went to get stitches.  Zander was a champ!  The hardest part was keeping him entertained for the 45 minutes it took the numbing gel to take effect, he even fell asleep while getting the stitches!

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