Saturday, June 30, 2012

Finley's First Bath...or Shower...

Finley LOVES his showers, he is not as crazy about getting out of the shower!

Go Rapids!

While Grams and Kathy were here, we went to a Rapids game!  It was Finley's first soccer game and very fun to see Zander's interest in the game, I think he can watch the ball much easier than baseball and he loved it!  We had a great time but found the first thing Zander is afraid of...the canon!  But I have to admit it was kind of cute to watch him sit on Dad's lap when it went off, Zander didn't want to be anywhere else!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Finley's First Rockies Game!

During Grams and Kathy's visit, Finley went to his first Rockies game.  The Rockies beat the Padres and Bryan, Cindy, and Kathy went to the Fireworks after the game!  Zander, Finley and I headed home in the 7th....Zander was protesting naps and it was time for bed!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zander's Bath Time...My little fish!

Zander LOVES his bubble baths!!!  He has even added bubbles to his very limited vocabulary.  We often use baths as a bribe to get Zander in from outside...not a fan of coming in but bubble baths usually help him forget how terrible it is to be inside!  He loves to have the water running and put his head under the faucet and to lay on his belly blowing bubbles in the water!

Putting the Stroller Together with Grandpa!

Zander helped Grandpa put the stoller together!  He is such a big help!

And our first outing that night....

Since that night we have taken many more walks, Zander's favorite is the playground....until we have to leave!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Surprise!

Getting Zander to sit still for a picture is nearly impossible!  I wanted a picture
in their matching outfits from Grandma....they didn't see the value in this picture!

We expected to spend Fathers Day in the hospital being induced with Finley, but he surprised us and came early!  Instead we enjoyed both of our boys on Father's Day...Bryan got biscuits and gravy for breakfast and opened his presents then we headed to my parents to celebrate for the afternoon.  Bryan (and Zander) got a basketball hoop.  We had been at a friend's BBQ the week before and both loved shooting baskets so I changed the original plan and got a basketball hoop for the backyard!  Overall, a great surprise to already have Finley here for Father's Day and be able to spend the day outside of the hospital!

Gma and Gpa with all the Grandkids!
Shoot!  Score!

Zander loves sharing an Otter Pop with Dad!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hospital Visitors and Heading Home!

We moved to our room at around 3 on Wednesday and the visitors came a couple of hours later.  The whole family made it that evening and Finley's cousins were so excited to hold him!  Originally, we planned to stay until Friday but Zander was miserable visiting the hospital and we headed home on Thursday around 2PM.  He did not like seeing Mom and Dad in the hospital!!

Zander was happier to come in the hospital room when Gma, Gpa and Aunt Lori bought him a balloon!

Aunt Kristi and cousin Jordyn

The only smile we got from Zander all day was when he greeted his brother!

My cousins Jordyn

and Peyton

And Skylar

and Lauren!

Even Aunt Lori held Finley...and she doesn't usually hold itty bitty babies!

Aunt Erin brought Peyton right after work before Peyton's golf camp!

And Uncle Tony came later with Lauren!


Our trip home on June 14th

Zander checking out his new brother at home!  Much happier here than in the hospital!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finley Michael Bergner

Finley Michael Bergner
June 13, 2012
Finley surprised us by not waiting for his scheduled arrival!  Wednesday morning, I woke up at about 3AM.  I was having contractions and my bed was damp but not soaking.  I got up and sat in the Living Room, the contractions kept coming but not regular and not life stopping as they warned me they would be.  Bryan and I went to the hospital last week when I thought I might be in labor, I was not and they gave me some other things to look for...regular contractions that make me lose my breath.  These were definitely stronger but I still wasn't sure.  I talked to a half asleep Bryan and he asked if I wet the bed...he then recommended calling Kaiser.  I called and they encoraged me to come in.  I then called my parents to stay with Zander, woke Bryan up, and we were ready! 

Zander woke up while Bryan was in the shower, grabbed his shoes and was ready to go outside to play!  I explained it was only 4AM and dark but it didn't matter, he had his shoes and hat and was ready to go.  Grandma and Grandpa were going to have a LONG day!

When we arrived, the nurse did not think I was in labor but did the test anyway.  She came back and said my water had indeed broke and I was being admitted.  Bryan was just happy they had a Keurig!  At 9AM I was still not having regular contractions and they began the petocin.  It went fast after that and Finley was born at 12:11 PM!

He was 9 lbs, 9 ounces and 21 inches long and almost 2 weeks early!  Bryan said Zander was now the runt but Finley made sure to come so that Zander and Finley were both born on the 13th!  Zander came at 11 seconds after midnight and Finley came at 11 minutes after noon.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Zander's First Haircut!

Zander was AWESOME at his first haircut....right up until we had to leave!  He sat in his car, sat still, and watched the cars movie!  After his haircut, he wanted to try out the fire engine and the train table.  He did great, even with the clippers...until we had to leave the train table.  Overall, a successful haircut!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pool Time With Dad!

Zander is liking the pool more and more and had a great time with Dad today!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Visiting the Zoo with Grandma, Jordyn, and Skylar

We decided to head to the zoo for the morning with Grandma, Jordyn and was HOT!!!  After planning our trip, we also found out it was the day the new Elephant exhibit it was also crowded!  We made the most of it and stayed for a couple hours before heading home and out of the heat!

Zander loves the Giraffes!

Look how tall we are!

Watching the Sea Lion Show!

The train was broken and we rode the carousel instead!

Zander was sooo tired...we headed home after this!