Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandma Visits for the Weekend!!!

On Thursday, February 24th, Cindy and Denny came to visit from Indiana! Zander was very excited to see his Grandma! We headed to Wazee Supper Club for wings and pizza....Denny has talked about the wings here since we went for our Rehearsal Dinner two and a half years ago! On Friday morning, Cindy and Denny came to the house for some Zander cuddle time!

On Friday afternoon, we headed to Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey and took a tour. This is something Bryan and I have talked about doing and we figured visitors was a great excuse to go! It was a great tour with a tasting and we ended in the Rack Room during happy hour! Imaging that?!?! Of course we had to stop for a drink or two...we were all still full from our late lunch at Big Hoss BBQ but we could fit in a beverage!

On Saturday, we picked Cindy up for a breakfast at of our favorites! We went here with Cindy when she came out for my shower and she couldn't pass up the opportunity again, Denny was watching his weight and didn't want to overeat so he opted out of breakfast. Bryan and I were not as we were preparing to start Weight Watchers then next week and enjoyed every last calorie! In the afternoon, Bryan Denny and Cindy headed up to the casinos. When Cindy and Denny were out for our wedding, Denny wanted to try them out and ran out of time. I think Bryan enjoyed the trip to the casinos the most as he hit a Full House at Bonus Poker and came home $500 richer! Worked out great to start Zander's college fund!

On Sunday, we made reservations at The Broker. Bryan and I had gone for his birthday and loved it! It was 5280 week and The Broker had a great deal that Bryan wanted to share...My mom came to babysit Zander and Cindy Bryan and I had a great dinner! We enjoyed our last night together with wine and awesome food.

Cindy came early the next morning to hang out with Zander and Bryan before she had to leave. Bryan has been awesome about taking the morning shift with Zander and letting me sleep a bit but always gets up early to spend time with his mom when they can visit is their time!

Zander can't wait to visit his Grandma in Indiana in May!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Settling in at home.....and loving every minute of it!

We can't believe how fast the days go by! We are working to settle in at home and enjoying this amazing weather we have been given in February! We came home on Monday the 14th and made our first trip out on Wednesday. We tried our new stroller out and headed up the street for lunch at Buchi Cuban reached 70 degrees! Our walk wasn't very far...Zander could have rolled forever but Mom was a little slower!

We enjoyed many more walks...just waiting for the weather to change as I am sure it will! I have to remind myself we live in Colorado and it is only February! Bryan worked from home a half day on Thursday and Friday so he can save some days to take vacations as the year goes on...we are looking forward to going back to IN and MI in May and Europe in July with Kristi, Rick, Jordyn and Skylar...I know, Europe with a 6 month old? but we figured its now or we have to wait awhile as a plane ride with a 2 year old seems VERY SCARY!

Zander has been to the peditrician twice already...His first visit was on Tuesday and we had a bit of a scare as he had lost a pound! Zander now weighed 7lbs 2 oz. We know he is suppose to lose weight but this was too much in too short of time! Our first night home was a LONG one and we just figured this was how it would be, when in fact, our poor little man was just hungry! It seems that we are going to have to supplement with formula. I am still feeding Zander as much as I can but I am not producing enough for Z man. We went back to the pediatrician on Friday and Zander was back on track, he was back up to 7 lbs 14 oz! In addtion, our nights had become much easier and he was sleeping great. We went back to the pediatrician on the following Wednesday (2/23) and Zander had surpassed his birth weight...he was up to 8 lbs 7 oz! He was doing great and is an eating machine!

Grandma's Birthday Party! On Sunday, February 20th, we headed to Kristi's house to celebrate Grandma's Birthday! It was good to get out of the house for a while and Zander loved seeing his cousins!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hospital Visitors and the Best Valentine EVER!

We were settled into our new room at about 3am and Zander let us sleep about 3 hours! As we got up, fed Zander, and even got a shower...I knew the family was ready to come visit! My nieces really wanted to visit the evening before but Zander didn't cooperate and waited to arrive until the middle of the night! I sent the text that visitors were welcome and the entire family arrived within minutes of each other! Our room was a little small for all of us but we managed! Everyone (yes, even Aunt Lori and he doesn't weigh 15 pounds yet!) held Zander but I need pictures from Kristi and Erin to show you everyone! All of his cousins were experts and he is sure to be spoiled!!

After the family left, Bryan Zander and I got another couple hours of sleep before the rest of the visitors came. We saw Courtney Casey and Marsha, Kari and Corey, Julie and Aaron, Beth, Vincie Dennis and Anthony...Zander loved all of his visitors! That night, Zander went to the nursery for a couple of hours for his hearing and newborn screen and so Mom and Dad could get a little sleep (not much mind you but two hours!)

The next morning was Valentines Day and we were headed home with the best Valentine ever! After we saw everybody we needed to and both Zander and I were checked out as healthy, we headed home at about 3 in the afternoon. Bryan had met for Babies First Ride that morning and the carseat was installed, ready for Zander. Amazingly, Zander was born on a beautiful weekend. It was sunny and 65 as we left the hospital...crazy weather for February but we will take it! We headed home in the truck and Zander was very content!

We arrived home to a freezer full of food from Omaha Steak from my parents and a table full of presents from my mom and Aunt Lori....the toffee sure did hit the spot but it may be a couple of months until Zander is ready to chase his new racecar! Guiness and Smithwicks were excited we had finally returned home and happily greeted the new addition to the family!

Zander is so lucky to already have so many family and friends surround him with love!

Zander McLeese Bergner Arrives

The day we had been waiting for was finally here! We headed to the hospital at about 7AM on February 12th and checked in. We didn't really know what to expect but we were as ready as we were going to be! Bryan was in charge of pictures and did a great job of capturing it all...

At about 8:30 I got my first dose of a prostaglandin, and for the next 4 hours we did a lot of waiting....we watched some TV, played some Scrabble, played some Yahtzee, and tried to entertain one another. I had a few, what I called, "fake contractions" but nothing too exciting...the nurse laughed at my description of contractions but I explained until they got worse than what I had taught through the last 3 weeks, they weren't real! Kristi, Mom and Dad came but it was pretty boring!

At 4 hours they came to check again and I was at 3 cm, I had started at 1 cm so this was something! They gave me another dose of hormones and the "real contractions" started almost immediately! I had told Bryan if it was as boring as the first 4 hours, he could go grab a we were in for the long haul. Bryan did dose for a while, at least he thought he was dosing! Since I had to stay in bed for 2 hours after the next round of hormones to induce and I had to go to the bathroom, I knew exactly how long he had been asleep! The nurse came in to unhook me from the monitors at the two hour mark, Bryan woke up and said, "it's not time yet, she has another hour!" I quickly told him he had slept for the past hour and went to the bathroom. At this point the contractions were working up to full force and were much better when I was standing. Bryan was awesome and gave great massages through the contractions. They continued to ramp up and I began to throw up. After 2 hours of fairly intense contractions and many rounds of throwing up...I decided it was time for an epideral. I was now at 5 cm and the doctor said usually took about 1 hour per cm at this point! 5 more hours of this??? And then time to push??? I definitely needed some help!

At 8pm I got the epideral. Bryan assures me it was no small needle but I didn't care, it brought instant relief! I was exhausted from contractions and throwing up and almost immediately fell asleep. Bryan watched TV and got out the computer, he was very disappointed to discover YouTube was blocked and he couldn't watch car wrecks but he managed. The doctor came in around 9:45 to talk about next steps in moving along labor. We decided she would break my water and see if Potocin would be needed. She quickly discovered, my water had already broke and I was at 10 cm! He hadn't dropped enough but she felt after another hour, I would be ready to push.

The labor nurse (who was awesome!) came in an hour later and we began to push. She let me know that most first time moms usually took between 1 1/2 hours and 3 was about 10:45 and I told her we were working for a 2/12 birthday! She didn't think this was going to happen but was willing to give it a try!

I pushed for the next hour and just before midnight, the troops (doctors and baby nurses) were called in and Zander came at 11 seconds after midnight! He weighed in at 8lbs 1oz and was 20 in long. Bryan was immediately given his first lesson in diapers and swaddling and quickly became an expert! In the next few hours, Zander was given his first bath and we all got ready to head to recovery. Bryan went down to the grill before it closed at 2 am and I enjoyed the best grilled cheese I have tasted in a long time. Overall, the doctors and nurses were great and it is true, you almost immediately forget all of the pain when you hold him.

We still can't believe we created such an amazing little boy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Bryan.... and A SNOW DAY!!!!

Waking up and getting out of bed has become more and more difficult as I am less than two weeks from my induction day. Yesterday was no different....I said to Bryan "7 more days with kids and 3 without!" But with Bryan's birthday celebrations and life it was going to be a busy week...

Last night we did Happy Hour at Highland's Tavern for Bryan's birthday! It was awesome and Bryan was amazed (as he is every year!) about how awesome our friends are and how lucky we are to have them. He couldn't believe how many came out to celebrate on a Monday night in FREEZING cold weather! And Courtney, of course, made his favorite cupcakes...although she did warn that with Zander on the way, this was the last birthday that would be all about him!

Then, today was the best gift ever!!! School was called off due to the extreme cold and Bryan got his computer going so we are both home working!!! Down to 5 days with students, one on my couch grading and writing sub plans, and 3 in classes or meetings! Getting very close....

I had a doctor appointment last Friday and everything is going well! My blood pressure was slightly up, it has been normal for the entire pregnancy, and so we will check again this Thursday but nothing to be worried about now. I have also had some contractions and learned Zander is not a fan of Mexican or Hot Wings right now (that REALLY increases the contractions!) but the doctor is not concerned and it seems we are on track for February 12th. Overall, I've decided my pregnancy was too easy for the first 8 is making all the aches, pains, and sleepless nights much more difficult and unexpected in the last month! I know it has been an overall uneventful pregnancy and for that I feel very lucky!

Today is an awesome break as I have parent teacher conferences tomorrow, the Avs game on Thursday and of course, the Superbowl on Sunday! I will be sure to stay warm, rest up today and finish sub plans for when my dad takes over in about a week and a half!

My next post will be with new pictures of Zander! We can't wait to meet him! Blue or brown eyes? Blond or red hair? How big? How long? So many questions!