Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grandma Visits for the Weekend!!!

On Thursday, February 24th, Cindy and Denny came to visit from Indiana! Zander was very excited to see his Grandma! We headed to Wazee Supper Club for wings and pizza....Denny has talked about the wings here since we went for our Rehearsal Dinner two and a half years ago! On Friday morning, Cindy and Denny came to the house for some Zander cuddle time!

On Friday afternoon, we headed to Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey and took a tour. This is something Bryan and I have talked about doing and we figured visitors was a great excuse to go! It was a great tour with a tasting and we ended in the Rack Room during happy hour! Imaging that?!?! Of course we had to stop for a drink or two...we were all still full from our late lunch at Big Hoss BBQ but we could fit in a beverage!

On Saturday, we picked Cindy up for a breakfast at of our favorites! We went here with Cindy when she came out for my shower and she couldn't pass up the opportunity again, Denny was watching his weight and didn't want to overeat so he opted out of breakfast. Bryan and I were not as we were preparing to start Weight Watchers then next week and enjoyed every last calorie! In the afternoon, Bryan Denny and Cindy headed up to the casinos. When Cindy and Denny were out for our wedding, Denny wanted to try them out and ran out of time. I think Bryan enjoyed the trip to the casinos the most as he hit a Full House at Bonus Poker and came home $500 richer! Worked out great to start Zander's college fund!

On Sunday, we made reservations at The Broker. Bryan and I had gone for his birthday and loved it! It was 5280 week and The Broker had a great deal that Bryan wanted to share...My mom came to babysit Zander and Cindy Bryan and I had a great dinner! We enjoyed our last night together with wine and awesome food.

Cindy came early the next morning to hang out with Zander and Bryan before she had to leave. Bryan has been awesome about taking the morning shift with Zander and letting me sleep a bit but always gets up early to spend time with his mom when they can visit is their time!

Zander can't wait to visit his Grandma in Indiana in May!

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