Friday, March 18, 2011

A Few of Zander's Firsts!

As I am behind (yes WAY behind) in blogging, we are going to combine lots of Zander's Firsts!

Friday, March 4th...Zander's First Bath! For all of you doing the math, yes, this is a long time after he was born! Of course he had a sponge bath at the hospital and he has taken showers with mom and dad but we had to wait for his umbilical cord to fall off to give him a bath. What I learned with this bath is that....he doesn't like them! Zander loves taking a shower with Mom and Dad, he is warm in the shower and Mom or Dad keeps him warm after the shower! Zander HATES being cold and I think that was the main problem with the bath but here are a few photos! From the photos I think you can see why we have decided to stick with showers for awhile!

Saturday, March 5th....Zander's First Avs Game! Right before Christmas, Bryan and I found a deal for 5 Avs games including the game against the WINGS! We convinced my mom to buy the pack for my dad for Christmas and we were all in. This was the last game of our pack and the first one Zander was here for. The last few games have been REALLY hard for me to walk up the stairs to get to our was nice to be able to breathe again! Zander will be at lots of sporting events but this was his first!

Saturday, March 12th....Zander's First Parade! A few friends went to the parade last year and invited us to join them this year. We had a great time and enjoyed a few beverages on the one day a year the police don't seem to mind if you drink on the street! Thursday, March 17th...Zander's First St Patricks Day! You can't tell from the above pictures but Zander was outgrowing his St Paddys Day outfit! He seems to enjoy his bottle lots! His friend Colin had the opposit problem with his St Paddy's day was HUGE on him! So after the parade, we traded outfits for St Patrick's Day! St Patrick's Day is one of Dad's favorite holidays, Zander went to Grandma's house in his new outfit from Colin while Mom and Dad headed to the Irish Snug with friends. I have family in town from Scotland and we went to visit after the Snug!

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