Thursday, December 13, 2012

Finley is 6 Months...Where does the time go?

It's hard to believe 6 months has passed!  Everyday brings us something new and watching Zander and Finley make each other laugh is the highlight everyday!  First of all, Finley's stats...He is 27.5" tall, in the 79% and 22 lbs, in the 99%.  Finley's head is 17.91", in the 93%.  I am amazed everyday that Fin can make Zander look small!  They are wearing the same clothes this holiday so Finley is about 4 months ahead. 

Finley's belly laugh keeps us all smiling.  He loves his food and we continue to work at convincing him to drink his bottle.  His favorite places are on Daddy's lap in the recliner or in the excersaucer.  He talks non-stop and we can't wait until he starts picking up words.  Zander greets him in his crib every morning!  Grandma has been watching him on Thursday and Friday so Zander walks around on Friday morning saying "Baby?  Baby?" 

We are looking forward to a great Christmas and can't wait to spend extra time with the boys!  Here are some pictures they had taken at daycare...LOVE THEM!