Monday, February 14, 2011

Hospital Visitors and the Best Valentine EVER!

We were settled into our new room at about 3am and Zander let us sleep about 3 hours! As we got up, fed Zander, and even got a shower...I knew the family was ready to come visit! My nieces really wanted to visit the evening before but Zander didn't cooperate and waited to arrive until the middle of the night! I sent the text that visitors were welcome and the entire family arrived within minutes of each other! Our room was a little small for all of us but we managed! Everyone (yes, even Aunt Lori and he doesn't weigh 15 pounds yet!) held Zander but I need pictures from Kristi and Erin to show you everyone! All of his cousins were experts and he is sure to be spoiled!!

After the family left, Bryan Zander and I got another couple hours of sleep before the rest of the visitors came. We saw Courtney Casey and Marsha, Kari and Corey, Julie and Aaron, Beth, Vincie Dennis and Anthony...Zander loved all of his visitors! That night, Zander went to the nursery for a couple of hours for his hearing and newborn screen and so Mom and Dad could get a little sleep (not much mind you but two hours!)

The next morning was Valentines Day and we were headed home with the best Valentine ever! After we saw everybody we needed to and both Zander and I were checked out as healthy, we headed home at about 3 in the afternoon. Bryan had met for Babies First Ride that morning and the carseat was installed, ready for Zander. Amazingly, Zander was born on a beautiful weekend. It was sunny and 65 as we left the hospital...crazy weather for February but we will take it! We headed home in the truck and Zander was very content!

We arrived home to a freezer full of food from Omaha Steak from my parents and a table full of presents from my mom and Aunt Lori....the toffee sure did hit the spot but it may be a couple of months until Zander is ready to chase his new racecar! Guiness and Smithwicks were excited we had finally returned home and happily greeted the new addition to the family!

Zander is so lucky to already have so many family and friends surround him with love!

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