Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hospital Visitors and Heading Home!

We moved to our room at around 3 on Wednesday and the visitors came a couple of hours later.  The whole family made it that evening and Finley's cousins were so excited to hold him!  Originally, we planned to stay until Friday but Zander was miserable visiting the hospital and we headed home on Thursday around 2PM.  He did not like seeing Mom and Dad in the hospital!!

Zander was happier to come in the hospital room when Gma, Gpa and Aunt Lori bought him a balloon!

Aunt Kristi and cousin Jordyn

The only smile we got from Zander all day was when he greeted his brother!

My cousins Jordyn

and Peyton

And Skylar

and Lauren!

Even Aunt Lori held Finley...and she doesn't usually hold itty bitty babies!

Aunt Erin brought Peyton right after work before Peyton's golf camp!

And Uncle Tony came later with Lauren!


Our trip home on June 14th

Zander checking out his new brother at home!  Much happier here than in the hospital!

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