Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rockies Opening Day...Spring is officially here!

What a beautiful day for Opening Day at Coors Field! Zander got lots of sunscreen and a new hat for the occasion. It started out windy and chilly but was beautiful by game time! We didn't get too many pictures on Opening Day...Mom and Dad were having too much fun! After the game, the family was coming over for a BBQ, we have had visitors, Felicia and Karen, in town from Scotland and they were scheduled to leave on Saturday morning. We all wanted to get together before they headed out of Colorado. I lost track of time but Bryan was on it and we made it home just in time for everyone to arrive! We had a great time at Opening Day and hanging out with family that evening.

On Thursday, before Opening Day, the Rockies did a practice raising money for charity. They came out and signed autographs and then practiced for the fans. Grandma, Jordyn, Skylar, Arya, Zander, and I all showed up in time for autographs. Grandma hung out in the shade with Arya and Zander, while the girls and I got in line. Jordyn and Skylar REALLY wanted Tulo's autograph but I explained that there were 13 lines and we had no control over which players came to our line. When the players came out, I couldn't believe how lucky we were...Tulo came right to our line! Jordyn and Skylar were so excited! We got Tulo's autograph and then had a plan, they were going to move to whatever line was the shortest! We made it through two more lines getting a total of 5 autographs in twenty minutes....Matt Reynolds, Matt Lindstrom, Ty Wigginton, Jose Lopez, and of course, Tulo...AWESOME! Afterwards we walked around the ballpark and watched batting practice...overall a great day!

Bryan had waited so long for baseball season to return that we couldn't stay away from the ballpark! We headed back on Tuesday, April 5th to watch the Rockies take on the Dodgers. We had a great time walking around the ballparkand check out what was new, we found a Tequila bar, seating with a waitress and great views and we can't wait to try them out first hand. We also found a great salad place and saw Manuel Corpas with his son watching the action....and most importantly, the Rockies won!

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