Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Half Birthday Zander!

Well since Zander turns 7 months on Tuesday, I guess it is PAST time to get his 6 month post up! He had his 6 month check up the Friday before I went back to school. He is growing so fast! Zander weighs 20lbs 3 oz (90%), he is 27.5 inches tall (85%), and his head is 48 cm and in the 99.95%. The head size once again caused some concern and Zander had his first ultrasound. All went well and everything looks normal but they wanted to do the ultrasound before his soft spot closed so they didn't have to do an MRI.

My mom had Zander all week during my first week back(a HUGE help) and a couple days for the next three weeks so we can ease into daycare. He loves going to Grandma's and daycare!

Some of his favorites....

He loves his dogs! And since he now is capable of feeding them...they love him too!

We like to go for walks on the weekend and Zander loves the swing!

He loves to sit on the floor and play, his school bus, orange ball, and drums are some of his favorites!

And he loves almost any food you put in front of him! We can't wait for these teeth to finally come in so that he can try some more solids!

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