Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zander is 9 months old!?!?! Where does the time go?

And a better start to this would be...Zander WAS 9 months old...over a month ago! I still want to post his stats and pictures from his 9 month birthday...I have lots of posts to catch up on, we will see how much I can get done while Zander naps today!

For his 9 month appointment, Zander weighed 23 lbs, 4 oz and was in the 85%. His height is 28.25", in the 46%. And his head still comes in at the 99%, 19.49".

Zander loves to climb in shelves and empty them and he is pulling up everywhere. Right now, Bryan and I are ready for him to walk but I'm sure we will rethink that once it is actually happening! His reach seems to get farther every day and what was safe yesterday is not today....Here are a few pictures!

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