Monday, February 13, 2012

A Year Already?!?!?! Happy 1st Birthday Zander!

We had a great Birthday weekend with Zander! Bryan's Mom and her friend, Cathy came for all the festivities and Zander was spoiled by all our friends and family! On Friday, Bryan took the day off and they headed to Golden, Red Rocks and Look Out Mountain. Then on Saturday was Zander's Party. I think he knew that everyone was there for him, he loved when everyone sang to him and since then Happy Birthday has become his favorite song...he can't get enough!

A few one year statistics...Zander is 30.25" tall (67%), weighs 26 lbs 11 oz (92%), and his head is 20" (still the 99.9%).  He loves clapping and is saying a couple of and ball seem to be his favorites.  The walking is close but it's not stopping him from getting into everything!

On Sunday, we all headed to Boulder and although it could have been a little warmer, we still had a great time having lunch and shopping!

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