Monday, August 13, 2012

Zander is 18 months...and Finley is 2 months!

Zander is having a blast being a big brother and Mom has had such an amazing summer with her boys...back to work tomorrow:(  Zander started daycare today and will be back full time, I think he has missed the other kids and maybe they will teach him a few new words!  Finley is back part time starting tomorrow until November.  Grandma will have him on Mondays and Mom is taking off the first few Fridays to spend with him!

Zander's height is finally starting to catch up with the rest of him and I think he moves too much to gain weight!  His height is 33.75" (89%), weight 31lbs 8 ozs (100%), and head 20.63" (100%).

Finley is all around bigger than his brother but with a normal head size....Dad calls Zander the runt!  His height is 24.25 (95%), weight is 13lbs 9ozs (82%), and head is 15.83 (85%).

Watching them grow cracks me up everyday!  Zander walks backwards and on his tippy toes and cracks himself up all the time.  He loves to watch Alvin and the Chipmonks and is more than willing to share his toys with his brother!  We have a great time playing catch and making baskets, one of the few things Mom can do while nursing!  Finley loves to give us smiles!!  I am still nursing so he sleeps one stretch of about 5 hours each night and the rest of the day is around 3 hours.



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