Friday, October 26, 2012

Zander's home sick :(

Loves to hold his the morning before
we went to the Dr.

Sound asleep at 9am...

I have been very lucky to be able to take Friday's off since the beginning of the school year, my dad has been subbing for me and the kids love him.  He was in Michigan for one of the Friday's and the kids were very worried, even though I had told them he wouldn't be there.  They were excited to have him back the next Friday!  This was my last Friday off and I was looking forward to getting lots done!  Well, my day sure did not go as expected!  Zander was up coughing the night before and complaining because his ear hurt.  He has had lots of ear infections and I was sure this was another...I took him to the doctor first thing in the morning and no ear infection but he did have croup.  They gave him steroids for his cough and my poor little guy fell asleep on the way home...he was warn out!  Well, needless to say, he stayed home with Fin and I and let me tell you, he didn't look sick for long!  It took him no time to empty the pillows off the couch and build a pillow pit!  I got nothing done but had a great day with my boys!  Dad had been out of town since Wednesday and came home to a messy house with no groceries on Friday!

After nap...while mom was cleaning Zander's room!

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