Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zander Starts Soccer and Moves Up to the Big Kid Class at School!

Wow!  What an exciting day for Zander!  He is moving up to Preschool at his daycare, or the Big Boy Classroom as he will tell you.  AND starting soccer!

We love our daycare and chose to leave Zander there 2 days a week while I am staying home.  A couple weeks ago, the teacher asked if we would consider a 3rd day for a fraction of the cost as he moves up to preschool.  They felt the consistency would be good for him and I couldn't agree more.  He is learning his letters!  His favorite is O but I happen to know he has learned more, he is just disappointed there is no O in Zander.  Today was his first day in the Big Boy Class.  There is one poor girl in the class and I'm not sure if I feel more sorry for her or the teachers because there is a lot of boy energy in there!  Ms. Claire, his teacher is waiting for a couple more girls to join the class this month.  He loved his first day and as we picked him up, he assured us "I had fun today!" although we weren't worried!
From last Thursday when all the kids visited the new class.
After school we headed to the park where Zander started soccer!  He has been very excited about this and loved running around kicking the ball with his "new friends" on his team.  He was also excited that Mom, Dad, and Finley came to watch him!  We he had to stop running or sit down and listen, he was less excited...we will work on these expectations over the next week and hopefully he will do better! 
Zander's team The Blue Dolphins and his coach Ms. Jackie

A rare moment of listening to Coach Jackie

Pretending to be an airplane as they ran up and down the field, one of his favorite activities!

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