Monday, November 1, 2010

I've figured it out!!!

Courtney and Mike were over tonight for Monday Night Football and I have learned so much about Blogspot! I set this account up in July, but tonight have made my first post!!! I decided as soon as we found out we are expecting, I needed to join the "blog world". Courtney added a poll and I have finally made a post!

To sum up the past couple of months....Bryan and I are expecting a boy in February! Our official due date is February 19th but we have been told they will induce about a week early...doctors are not excited about me going into labor on blood thinners! The planner in me is very excited about knowing the date ahead of time. This weeks name is Zander McLeese Bergner, although Chopsticks and Brickyard have also been thrown in for middle names.

We have been working on the nursery for the past two weekends. My sister and dad were over to paint last weekend and the chair rail went up this weekend. Tomorrow, my mom is coming to wait for the carpet and this weekend my dad and Bryan are in charge of assembling furniture! I will post pictures soon but I can only learn so much in one day!

I can't believe how much Zander moves right now, he amazed even Bryan last weekend as he kicked so hard, he moved Bryan's hand! We have ongoing discussions about what sport he is, soccer, baseball,? Whatever it is, there is A LOT of activity!

We have a doctors appointment on Thursday and are looking forward to traveling back to Indiana to visit friends and family and of course attend Nick's wedding.

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