Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

WOW! December?!?!? I'm not sure where the time is going but its going fast! I have been coaching Volleyball at school...practice at 6:30am and games two nights a week! Having a great time with the girls but....exhausted! Zander is doing great, moving lots and keeping me up at night but I'm sure that's just to get us ready for when he arrives! We have had all sort of exciting things since I last posted a blog....

Two weeks ago, we went back to Indiana for Nick and Emilee's wedding! They got married Friday night of Veteran's weekend and we had the opportunity to catch up with lots of people. It was great to hang out with family and friends and we wish Nick and Emilee the best of luck! Nick headed back to class in Biloxi for a few months and Emilee is planning to join him after Christmas! This spring, they will be moving to Washington and we are looking forward for an excuse to visit them outside of Seattle!

Last week for Thanksgiving, we spent time with family in town and caught up with friends we haven't hung out with for awhile. It was great to hang out with family on Thanksgiving Day! We ate all sorts of delicious food, watched football, and made plans to shop for Black Friday! Afterwards we headed to Casey and Rob's for yet more dessert, went bowling on Friday night, and had a great dinner with Kari and Corey on Saturday night. The weekend flew by, but it was awesome to see everyone.

We also had our 28 week check up last week! Everything looks great and all my tests came back looking good. It worries me everytime the doctor says, "he is measuring a little big but everything looks good!" It keeps reminding me that being induced a week early might not be all that bad.

In addition to all of these activities, we have been working hard on the nursery! We are getting close and having a great time along the way!

This weekend is my shower! Erin, Kristi, Mom, and Aunt Lori have been working very hard to prepare some great food and maybe even planning a game or two. I agreed to games as long as it did not include measuring my ever growing belly! In addition, Cindy is flying in for the weekend and we are looking forward to hanging out with her...doing some shopping and just enjoying the visit!

Can't wait to enjoy all the great food and hang out with friends and family for the shower! Then on Sunday is Tree Hunting at Red Feather...not Bryan's favorite day of the year but I can't wait to pick out our tree and put it up!

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