Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunting

Each year, one of my favorite days is Christmas Tree Hunting. I have been going with the Hoffmeyers for 10+ years and I love it! Since meeting Bryan, he has also joined us, however I don't think he has the same love for the day! Perhaps he would enjoy it more if it wasn't on a Sunday or he got cell coverage but he always enjoys it more once he has arrived, he always enjoys it more than the whining would make you believe he would. This year, he thought he would be saved and we could go to the local tree lot because his mom was coming...but when I asked her what she would like to do...she said it sounded like fun! Overall, I think everyone had a great day! We had great weather, delicious food, and an awesome time hanging out with friends...the best part, we got the best tree yet! AND Bryan picked it out and convinced me how great it was so now he is stuck! He has proved I need him to pick out the tree and help me to see how great it will look in our house.

We finally got lights on the tree today and the village put up. After lots of Christmas shopping yesterday, I am exhausted but getting close to being ready for the holidays! We have a couple of gifts left to buy, baking, Christmas cards to write out, presents to ship out to family, and lots to wrap but with next week off, I have no fear we will make it!

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