Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Trip to Philadelphia

Bryan had work in Philly and since I was off for the summer...Zander and I joined him! We had a great time, Bryan would head off to work and Zander and I would do some sight seeing. Then, Bryan would finish work and we would fill our evenings with some more sight seeing! Bryan claims we ran him into the ground but he seemed to survive it just fine!

We arrived on Monday, found a great place for dinner and just walked around town a bit. Neither of us had been to Philly so it was all new. On Tuesday, we all grabbed cofffee, Bryan headed to work and Zander and I did the bus tour. It was a great way to learn as much as possible without having to walk tons in the crazy humidity! One of Bryan's coworkers was in town and we met her for dinner. On Wednesday, Zander and I walked Bryan to his first the way we had to stop and take our picture by Rocky. The Art Museum in Philadelphia are the famous stairs he ran up in the movie. On our way back to the hotel, we went into Macy's, the current home of the largest pipe organ. I knew it played daily at noon and figured since I was there...why not? I couldn't believe the crowds! This many people showed up to hear the pipe organ daily?!?!? Then, the speeches began, I was very under dressed as it seemed I was there on the 100th anniversary of the day the pipe organ first played....100 years to the day, what are the odds?

That evening, we all went on the Ben Franklin walking tour in historical Philadelphia. It was only 75 minutes long but we learned a ton! Afterwards we went to the City Tavern, a place I had heard about on the bus tour. Ben Franklin once frequented the Tavern and we had food from his time!

On Thursday, I went down to Independence Hall to get tickets for us to tour Congressional Hall later in the day. It was free but you had to have a reserved ticket. This is where we headed Thursday evening, we learned lots of history and stood in the room where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Since we hadn't had a cheesesteak yet, we had to get one on our way home. Jim's Cheesesteak....delicious!

We started Friday with a visit to the Liberty Bell. Bryan headed to work and we all went to the Phillies game that night. They were playing the Oakland A's. Zander was a champ as usual and the woman next to us couldn't believe how many baseball games he has been to or how good he was at them. We tried another cheesesteak at the ballpark on a recommendation from our friend Brian...also delicious!

On Saturday, we were up early and took the train to New York! Overall a great warmup to our trip to Europe next week. Zander was a champ and we had a great time!

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