Friday, June 10, 2011

Zander is 4 Months Old!

So we will start with the stats....Zander is 16lb 12 oz and in the 87% for weight, 25" long and in the 68% for height, and his head is 17.8"and he is in the 99%!! When we went in for the check up, the nurse took his measurements and then the Doctor came in and said we need to measure his head again. It seems that his head size has grown LOTS in the last 2 was off the charts. It still measured at 45cm and she then measured our heads...mine is fairly average at only 9cm bigger than Zanders BUT her measuring tape didn't even go big enough to measure Bryan's! She was no longer concerned about Zander's head size as it appears to be just like Dad's!

We can't believe how much he has changed in the last month! We have put away the bouncy seat and the bassinet for the stroller....Zander loves to sit or stand and check out everything that is happening around him! Here are some of his favorites....

His exosaucer...he finds new toys on it daily!

His long as it keeps moving!

His Bumpo...its even better with the tray full of toys!

He has started working on holding his bottle, he makes it a few minutes then needs help again.

His rings, they are attached to his carseat and stroller with a few extra in the diaper bag.

Baseball (I know big surprise!) but the Cargo bobble head is a hit!

He still sleeps in his swing and carseat for short catnaps but is now taking one long nap (between 2 and 3 hours!) in his crib. The drooling is crazy and we are not sure if he is teething but with my sister in law's advice...we will be ready for it on the plane to Europe with some teething tabs. When we get back, we plan to start solids...the Dr. said he is ready anytime but she would wait until after Europe because why complicate it? We agree of course...plenty to pack already! We can't wait to see what the next month brings!

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  1. Big Head = Big Brains right? Ha Ha He is so smiley and cute, these pictures are so sweet!