Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Zander can pull himself up...something to celebrate or dread?

On Monday September 26th, I took Zander to daycare and he was sent home because his eye was runny...they thought pink eye. Well, this happens to Zander everytime he gets a cold and he has had a few since starting daycare! In the end, dad wasn't too heartbroken as he called in sick and had a dad and Zander day! While dad put Zander on the living room floor and went to send his out of office email, Zander made his way to our new ottoman/coffee table and when dad came back, Zander had pulled himself up and was eating Mom's student's projects! Dad was very surprised and grabbed the camera, yup he can sure pull himself up! The rest of the day, Dad and Zander went for a walk, went to the doctor to find Zander was fine, and just hung out...they had a great day!

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