Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zanders on the Move! And here come the accident reports...

At home, Zander has been sitting up in his crib. On Wednesday when I picked him up from daycare, Ms. Christine reported he is now standing in his crib! On Thursday morning, we found him standing in his crib at home and we can't keep him down!

Yesterday, after an especially tough day at work, I looked forward to picking up Zander for some cuddle time! I arrived to TWO accident reports! He hadn't had any so far....and although he is a master at standing, he hasn't figured out that he needs to hold on our improve his balance! He stood and let go to fall on toys in two different incidents. I found my little man with a fat lip and a red bump on his head but he was especially cuddly and happy to see Mom.

This morning (very early, by the way, at 2AM) he figured out how to stand by his aquarium and turn on the music in his crib. And today he showed Dad how good he is at crawling! Let the baby proofing began...Zander is on the move!

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