Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Time in Indiana and Michigan

WOW! What a great trip, a whirlwind but great! Our first lesson came shortly after landing in Cincinatti. We had a four hour drive to Ft Wayne and planned to stop part way there, get out of the car and have some dinner. The one thing we forgot about was that is was Christmas! Nothing was open! Luckily Zander had plenty of food and I sat in back and fed him. He slept for part of the trip but was very excited to get to Gram's house and crawl. Bryan and I were also glad to be there and Denny and Cindy cooked up steak and fries...we were starving and delicious!

On the 26th, we had a relaxing morning and then headed to visit Bryan's grandma. She was excited to have visitors and see us. We stopped at the winery on our way home, picked up pizza, and Jody, Jason and Heather came over for dinner. After dinner, Gram's watched Zander and Bryan and I went to visit Seiss.

On the 27th, we headed to Michigan. We had lunch at my Uncle's Mikes with Quinn, Grandma and Uncle Don. Unfortunately, Uncle Ken and Julie had to head to Indiana to pick up a part for the milkhouse. Zander got to visit with two Great-Grandmas in 24 hours!! He is a lucky little man! After a great visit and delicious lunch we headed to Novi to stay the night with Aunt Sharon. Eric, Katie and Cooper came over for dinner and we celebrated Eric's birthday. Zander had his first Spaghetti and Chocolate Cake...he LOVED them both! He was orange and needed a bath before bed time! Zander continued to be spoiled, getting gifts everywhere we went!

On the 28th we headed back to Indiana to celebrate Christmas at Jody's. We were waiting for Nick and Emilee to make it home from Norfolk. It was great to have everyone there, delicious dinner and great to visit with the whole family! Zander continued to be spoiled with new clothes and a Tonka truck! That evening we went to Taylor Seiss's basketball game, unfortunately they lost their first game of the season but it was fun to watch the girls play.

On the 29th, Bryan had a work meeting and Cindy and I went shopping. That evening we were suppose to have dinner with one of Bryan's friends from high school. Unfortunately, she had to cancel because of work but we spent the evening with Denny and Cindy. We headed to Buffalo Wings and Ribs for a great didn't set great with me and reminded me that spicy food and pregnancy don't mix!

The 30th was our last day and Bryan had lots of people he wanted to see. Unfortunately, many friends and family were working but we stopped by Seiss's Shop, visited with Bishop and enjoyed lunch at Steak n Shake. That evening, Jenny and Jon were nice enough to host a party so Bryan could catch up with many of his friends from High School. Zander went with us and played with all the kids. All the way home from the party, Bryan kept telling me how much fun he had and how nice it was to see everyone. This was an awesome way for Bryan to catch up with everyone (Jimmy, Weasel, Jon, Wolff, Seiss, Joseph, Carper, and Baily) and the best part was I didn't have to go to a smoky bar....a GREAT night!!

On the 31st, we went out to breakfast with Cindy and Denny. We invited the rest of the family to join us but we had to be at the airport too early!! After breakfast we started the long drive to Cincinatti for a very long travel day. We were happy to be home on time and my dad picked us up at the airport. Grandma and Grandpa missed Zman and were happy to have him overnight so Bryan and I could get ready for our party the next day. We came home, unpacked, cleaned a bit, and headed to bed for an early bed time. You know your old (and pregnant) when you don't even make it up for the ball dropping on the East Coast!!

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