Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I always joke with Bryan that he has about 10 "Favorite Days of the Year!" The Indy 500 is probably the real favorite but when it's happening, the Superbowl, St. Patricks Day, Opening Day, Oktoberfest, and a few more drinking holidays all rank too....My favorite day is truly Christmas Tree Hunting. I love it! I have joined the Hoffmeyers for at least the past 10 years, when I met Bryan he started going and didn't love it quite as much as me, and this year I was excited to have Zander go for his first year.

Well, to my disappointment, it was canceled. When I told Bryan, he just grinned and said "I didn't even know that was a possibility!" The weather was cold and snowy and the roads weren't great. It would have taken forever to get there and the best idea was to cancel but I was still dissappointed. We decided to go to Home Depot that evening for our tree and Bryan built a stage in our stairs for it. It is beautiful and Zander will get his chance to tree hunt next year.

To make up for it, we bundled Zander up and got some great snow pictures and then Bryan had a great idea to go downtown to see the lights and visit a little German village they had set up. We got some Christmas shopping done, saw some beautiful lights, visited the German village, picked out a Christmas tree, and then headed home for the MSU vs. Wisconsin game for the Big Ten Championship.

On a Zander note, he started a new daycare this week. It was a tough decision but he loves it and I am very happy with everyone at the new daycare! Right now he loves clapping and he loves the Singing Santa that Grandma and Grandpa brought over!

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