Monday, July 25, 2011

European Vacation...Our First Stop, LONDON!

We left Denver at 3 in the afternoon on July 2nd, flew to Chicago, and on to London. We arrived in London about 11am on July 3rd and headed to find our apartment and meet the Allen's. We found Kristi, Rick, Jordyn and Skylar as we walked to our apartment but getting the key was a little tougher! Finally after a few phone calls and letting the management company know that I was feeding a baby on the curb, we got it figured out and the apartment was great! We all settled in for a two hour nap before heading out on the town.

On our first night we headed to Picadilly Circus for dinner and then walked around London, enjoying many of the sights at night! It gets dark there fairly late and this was the only time we saw it lit up! At the end of the night we found a beer garden by the London Eye and enjoyed a few last beverages before heading home and calling it a night.

Monday, July 4th would be our only full day in London and we filled it! We started with the Big Red Bus Tour and had a very entertaining guide. When the bus hit traffic and we heard we would be there for the next 25 minutes, we decided to get off and walk a bit and luckily found Hamley's! This was a 5 floor toy store our friend, Karen had told the girls about and they loved it! Next we found a great place for lunch...or so we thought...We all ordered and the kids got their food but after an hour they came to ask us what we ordered again. After an hour and 45 minutes we left with no lunch and our luck didn't get much better! We only had about an hour to catch the last boat tour we got free with our bus tour. We found it and had another entertaining guide. After the boat tour, we walked along the Thames River and found a pub. It even had Blue Moon on tap! We were ready to put our order in for dinner and the fire alarm went off...we had to evacuate...this happened twice! Although we met some nice people and we had a bottle of wine...we were still hungry so we set out for another pub with food! We found a great place on the river, ordered food and some of it came but after another hour more than half of us still didn't have food! It wasn't our day to eat! We all eventually got food and decided to call it a night as it was after 10 and we had an early train to catch in the morning. When we returned to the apartment, Kristi realized she had left her phone at the last pub and Bryan and Rick set off to try and find the waitress with the phone. They we unsuccessful but Kristi got the phone back on our return trip to London!

We headed out at 7 the next morning and after many stares from people on the bus (we had A LOT of stuff!!) we made it to the train station and caught our train to Paris!

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