Monday, July 25, 2011

European Vacation...Seventh Stop, returning to London before heading home!

We were back in London on Monday, we checked our luggage when we arrived and planned to pick it up that night. We were staying by the airport so we wouldn't have as far to travel the next morning. After checking our luggage, we walked towards the bar where Kristi had left her phone and then we parted ways. The Allen's went to find Kristi's phone, then they were headed to the London Eye, the Palace to see the changing of the Guards, and to Harrods. Bryan and I went to the Tower of London, enjoyed a couple of beers at different pubs to stay out of the rain, and then we all met up for dinner. I loved the Tower of London! We got a Beefeater as a tour guide and he was very entertaining! I learned so much about the history of England and would definitely visit the Tower again if we ever find our way back there...there was just too much to see in one day! It rained like crazy that afternoon and Kristi almost left us as we were at the end of our meeting time window. We were celebrating Skylar's birthday that night as it was the next day and we were traveling. We went to Picadilly Circus and found a great restaurant. We had a birthday cookie and ordered ice cream for dessert. Skylar was very surprised with the cookie and I think it turned out to be a pretty good birthday!

We all headed back to get our luggage and then on to our hotel. The hotel was in a residential district and a little hard to find but it was very cute and we had breakfast the next morning! They even had cereal for Skylars Birthday Breakfast! It took us longer than expected to get to the airport and we were short on time so it turned a little crazy! We all went to the United terminal and the Allen's discovered they were flying Air Canada and out of a different terminal...we wished eachother a very fast good bye and safe travel and set out to catch planes. A couple hours later, we were sitting in the terminal as our plane was delayed and there was Kristi, Jordyn, and Skylar! It seemed there original plane was delayed, they would miss their connection in Toronto and would make it home until the next day so they got on a plane through Washington Dulles. Both of our trips home would have lots more issues....the Allens spent hours and hours in Dulles and didn't get home until 4 am the next morning! We were delayed 3 hours out of London and landed in Chicago at the same time we were suppose to be taking off for Denver. Luckily, weather had delayed everyone for the day and we arrived at our gate just as they were getting ready to load...we were late but were still in our beds that night!

Overall, Zander was a traveling champ and we had a great trip! We now have a few years to save money and come up with ideas for our next Europe trip as an 8 hour plane ride with a toddler just doesn't sound like a good idea...Zander will need to be at least 4 before we attempt this again!

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