Monday, July 25, 2011

European Vacation...Sixth Stop, a brief visit to Brussels, Belguim

In all our traveling, I think Brussels is not getting a fair shot! 4 years ago when we traveled with our moms, we had about 4 hours in Brussels...we enjoyed it but didn't get to see much or learn much about Brussels. This trip we were there on a Sunday, it rained, and somehow our hotel was in an interesting part of the city....we didn't even know this was something to look out for in Brussels!

When we arrived, Rick, Kristi and the girls were hungry and I convinced them to not eat in the train station because I remembered where we had lunch the last time we were there...there were so many street cafes and it was so much fun...They agreed and we discovered there were two train stations AND we were no where near the cute sidewalk cafes. We found some not so great neighborhoods and I felt bad I steered them wrong. We then decided to take the subway towards our hotel and find food there. The food was ok and we set out to find our hotel...This is where it got interesting. As we walked toward our hotel, there were LOTS of working women first we didn't think much of it but then it was awfully weird to have that many women on corners on a Sunday at 1 in the afternoon! We were definitely in the center of Brussels own Red Light District! We found our hotel and the inside was very nice, our rooms weren't ready but they held our stuff and we set out to discover the square in Brussels. It was beautiful! We had some Belguim beer, enjoyed some waffles, did some shopping and got some beautiful pictures of the square. Then the rain started and we enjoyed a very long dinner to stay dry! We headed back to the hotel that night and we were pleasantly surprised by our room...the Allens weren't so lucky. It seemed that they were working on remodeling but hadn't gotten to the building they were staying in yet, unfortunately. So they really had a bad impression of Brussels but hopefully we will all get back and give it another chance!

On Monday we were up early and on our way to London for our last night in Europe!

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