Monday, July 25, 2011

European Vacation....Second Stop....Caen, France!

We left London on the morning of July 5th and had a few hours in Paris before taking the train to Caen. We had a great lunch and walked to see the Notre Dame. When we arrived...we took some pictures and were less than impressed...before long, we discovered there were multiple Notre Dame Cathedrals in Paris and this wasn't the famous one! We passed the time and were all ready to be in Caen at our hotel!

This was our first true travel day with our packs and we all had a little to get used to! The walk to our hotel seemed like FOREVER! As we got acquainted with the town it was not actually that far at all...amazing how different it was without 40 pounds on my back, another 20 on my front and pushing a stroller in the rain! Once we arrived at our hotel, we loved it and it was close to many great restaurants. We found a traditional french restaurant and enjoyed mussels with crepes for dessert!

On the second day, we split up. Bryan and I headed to explore the Beaches of Normandy and the Allen's explored town. They were hoping to get out to a famous castle but the tour left early and they all needed to catch up on some sleep! When Bryan, Zander, and I got to the World War II Memorial Museum, we found out Zander was too little to take the bus to the beaches. I convinced Bryan to go on the tour...Zander and I spent a couple hours in the fabulous museum...Kristi, Rick, Jordyn and Skylar toured the Chateau in town...and we all met up for dinner in the evening. We decided to try a Creperie for dinner since we were in France and it was different to say the least. I think it was best summed up by Skylar over dessert when she asked by this pancake thing came with everything...even the whipped cream she thought she had ordered as her dessert!

Early on July 7th we headed to Lisieux for Le Tour De France...check out the next blog for this, it was awesome and deserved it's own page! That night we made our way back to Caen and had dinner in the same restaurant we ate in the first night. After our experience with Crepes, we needed something we knew was good! I finally tried some Creme Brulee in France, delicious!

On the 8th we boarded the train to Paris!

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